A Winter Sunset

Sandro Pecorella
Wed 17 Apr 2024

It was around June 2022 when one evening my wife said, “that’s it let’s sell our house and buy some nice apartment by the sea”. While I was obviously shocked at such a sudden and bold statement to which I admit I was quite reluctant to accept, I must admit she was quite right, and it was the right decision we needed to take.

We managed to sell our house quite quickly and we had already set our sights on the perfect seafront apartment, with a comfortable terrace overlooking a vast green area to the left, salt pans and a nature reserve right below where we have regular visits by some beautiful migrating birds to the likes of flamingos and herons amongst many others, and the beautiful Mediterranean sea to our left.

However, the one scenery that I believe tops off all images is the Winter Sunsets which although I have captured on many occasions, this to me is my best shot, and which I felt I must share as it is a true portrait of nature’s beauty.

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