The HARDEST 75 days you’ll do..

William Fowler
Thu 28 Mar 2024

From January 1st of the last couple years, for no reason other than pure insanity, I have embarked on the infamous and now viral mental toughness program called 75 Hard. It was created by Andy Frisella, the founder of 1st Phorm, and it’s a blueprint in creating bulletproof discipline in all areas of your life.

Sounds good right? We could all use some extra motivation and discipline to live a more fulfilling life, but I hear you all asking; what is the program and how ‘hard’ can it really be? Well, it isn’t so much that the daily tasks are difficult on their own, what’s hard is ticking every box, every day, with zero excuses, and zero compromises.

Every day for 75 days you must: 1. Complete 2 45-minute workouts and 1 must be outside. They can’t be done consecutively, and it isn’t about the what the workout is, it can be a walk or stretching, you just must do something active. 2. Read 10 pages from a non-fiction, learning/self-development book. 3. Drink a gallon of water (3.8 litres for everyone outside the US), 4. Follow a diet. You choose your diet for whatever your personal goal is, but it must be healthy. 5. No cheat meals or alcohol. 6. Take a progress picture.

They say it takes 30 days to build a habit, but this program will show you it takes more than twice that and brutal dedication to solidify one for life. If you want to test yourself, if you want to see what you’re really made of, to see what potential you must achieve anything you put your mind to, look no further.

With no exaggeration, and in every sense of the word, the 75 Hard program is life changing.

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