Australian turned Englishman!

Jordan Harrison
Thu 4 Apr 2024

Back in September last year, my best mate, Harper, started planning a move to London, to be with our other friend who had already moved here. After 3 minutes of planning a trip to go visit them both on holiday, I also decided to move to London.

On February 5th in Australia, Harper and I departed and started moving backwards through timezones, stopping in Doha and arriving mid day February 6th at Heathrow Airport. Since then it’s been almost 2 months of new experiences, we visited Amsterdam and saw all sorts of interesting things like the Banksy Art Museum. I have been to see Liverpool play, my childhood club, twice, once in the cup final at Wembley, where a Virgil Van Dijk header in the dying moments of Extra Time allowed me to see my team win a trophy for the first time in person, and then a less memorable trip to Old Trafford in Manchester where I saw us lose 4-3 in Extra Time to Manchester United.

I recently started work here at SGM-FX and cannot wait to see what the future holds for myself and the company in my time here. I’m looking forward to the middle of May, where I am going to Anfield for the first time since I arrived to watch the last game of the season against Wolves, and hopefully see Van Dijk and Klopp lifting the Premier League trophy, infront of my very own eyes.

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