SGM-FX Prepaid Currency Card
Spend abroad without the fees

210 countries, 10 currencies, 1 card, and 0 charges. Our Prepaid Currency Card is the solution you’ve been looking for

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Hassle free payments wherever you are

With no cash withdrawal charges and the ability to be used online and in-person, our Prepaid Currency Card is for business travellers and serial globe trotters.

10 currencies
Can be held on the SGM-FX MasterCard at any one time
0% commission
When making payments, with no subscription fee

Free to use, wherever you are

Access to charge free ATMs, no shopping fees, and no hidden commissions. Truly hassle-free travel and international payments that work seamlessly for you.

For personal use

  • The perfect accompaniment to any traveller — holding 10 currencies and accepted in 210 countries and territories
  • The only difference between our personal and business Prepaid Currency Cards is on limits — nothing else, including fees
  • Use the card online and in shops
FCA regulated
Your funds are ringfenced in a separate bank account

For business use

  • Centrally controlled round-the-clock support for your foreign currency trade needs, with the ability to lock your card at any time
  • Simple, easy to use, and offered as standard to all our clients
  • Transparent pricing and costs. No subscription fees required

How do we stack up?

Don’t take our word for it — see how we compare to other foreign exchange companies.

Prepaid currency
wallet MasterCard
Corporate: None
Private: None
Corporate: £1,000 daily, £4,000 a month, maximum of 10 withdrawals daily
Private: £650 daily, £1,400 a month, maximum of 10 withdrawals daily
Corporate: None
Private: None
Corporate: £20,000 daily, £100,000 monthly maximum of 20 transactions daily
Private: £25,000 daily/monthly, maximum of 20 transactions daily
StarlingNone£300 a day maximum of 6 withdrawals dailyNone£10,000 daily
RevolutNone£200 a month free or 5 withdrawals, whatever comes first, then a 2% charge on further withdrawalsNone£5,000 a month free, then a 0.5% charge
MonzoNone£200 a month free, then a 3% chargeNone£10,000 a day
Post Office Travel
Money Card
None£300 or €450 a day, maximum of 3 withdrawals dailyNone40 transactions a day
Caxton FX
Currency Card
NoneMaximum of two withdrawals a day totaling up to £300None20 transactions a day

PFS Card Services (Ireland) Limited acts as the programme issuer. SGM-FX is the programme manager.

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