Morning Brief – Don’t just book it: Thomas Cook it….

Morning Brief – Don’t just book it: Thomas Cook it….

Mon 23 Sep 2019


Don’t just book it: Thomas Cook it….


Will have a new meaning for the 600,000 customers abroad as at last night of which approximately one third are British and need to be repatriated. The venerable company founded in 1841 has no national significance so will not be saved by the UK Government. Chinese company Fosun is the major shareholder and was instrumental in securing the GBP 200 million necessary to tide it over the lean winter months and to save the company which incidentally is on top of the GBP 900 million already provisionally committed. Sadly this has not succeeded and the company has been placed into administration in the early hours of today.Somewhat redefines the concept of a package holiday…

SGM-FX Prepaid Currency Cards will definitely come in handy for those affected and needing funds while they wait to be repatriated.



Hong Kong: Another weekend, another series of demonstrations


Tear gas and scuffles in the New Territories town of Sha-Tin last night. The demonstrators were chanting “Liberate Hong Hong Kong” and “Fight for freedom.” Somewhat ironic given the SAR status of Hong Kong versus the altogether more strict and unreported regime response to civil unrest in the People’s Republic. 



A 1573% increase?


What could that possibly be? Trump tweets? Bitcoin? No. It is the increase in the theft of catalytic converters in their Greater London area from 173 in 2017 to 2894 in 2019. Thieves can remove catalytic converters in just 3 minutes with specialist cutting equipment and then cash in the palladium and other precious metals arising from their handiwork. Police advise vigilance…..SGM-FX singleton Euan plans on sleeping beside his motor to protect its virtue unless a girlfriend materializes anytime soon. Anybody?! Please!!




Discussion and Analysis by Humphrey Percy, Chairman and Founder

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