Annual Bake-Off Competition at SGM-FX: A Sweet Success!

Bence Luo
Mon 22 Jan 2024

SGM-FX held its annual Bake-Off Competition today, and it was a day filled with sugar, joy and fun! The competition was fierce, with a series of very competitive contestants aiming for the top spot. But in the end, it was Meg Bonello’s vanilla cupcake with raspberry icing which took home the first-place prize, followed by Bujin Erdenetuya’s mango cheesecake, She is our newest member of SGM-FX, who came in second. Jamie Pritchard’s millionaire shortbread and Charles Porter’s Easter Chocolate Cake were tied for 3rd place.

The event was a huge success, with everyone performing well and having an amazing time. We can’t wait to see what next year’s competition will bring! 🧁🎂🍰

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