A trip to the Tate

Gregory Burman
Mon 29 Jan 2024

Though I of course relish each moment spent looking at the nuanced beauty of an Excel spreadsheet – this week I decided to visit the Tate Modern and appreciate some more varied sights.

Having been at King’s College London for the last three years, pilgrimages to the Tate have been a somewhat regular occurrence. These pilgrimages of course always start with a visit to the pub.

After rendezvousing at the ‘Bunch of Grapes’ pub we settled into old habits – ordering Guinness and saying how we really must give up cigarettes. The latter statement being one that is almost always followed by someone suggesting they buy a pack. After squaring this purchase away with our consciences the time came for food. My friendship group being a rather indecisive bunch; deciding what exactly to eat and where is usually a hot topic of debate. However, the beauty of our Tate pilgrimages, and my favourite part, is Borough Market.

When I first moved into my South London Hall of Residence my father told me stories of Borough Market from the time he lived in Waterloo, some 30 years ago. Needless to say, things have changed a lot since then, in particular, my father’s use of the word ‘cheap’ in his description of the market. Still, some of my father’s description holds true: the food is great, and there’s a lot of it.

After walking through the market I decided to get the same exceptionally expensive steak and chimichurri sandwich I always get. We then topped up on more Guinness and headed across the South Bank to the Tate itself.

Whilst at the Tate we followed our usual routine of attempting to understand modern art, commenting on Pablo Picasso’s declining mental state before finally deciding that art really isn’t ‘our thing’ and that we should head back to the pub. After this exhaustive day of art critiquing, we went our separate ways and remarked that we really should visit again soon.

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