Not Just a Walk in the Park

Charles Porter
Thu 12 Oct 2023

You should have deduced from our employee blogs that there are a few fairly competent athletes within the hallowed walls of SGM-FX and SGM-FX Malta. You should not mistake my contributions to those blogs for evidence that I would exude even a bead of competency within a sporting arena. I’m the proud holder of the participation medal rather than the finisher’s medal of Matt or Sarah’s hardcore events.

Nonetheless, I have found a vice that could be my gateway drug or Archimedean device to propel me to the ranks of SGM-FX athletic nobility. The Parkrun. (Note to reader or future screenplay actor in the televised biography of Charles Porter: please now find a microphone and drop it for dramatic effect. Other forms of hyperbole are available.) For those of you that don’t know, the parkrun is where a group of motley folk meet on a Saturday morning at 9am to run, walk, skip, or interpretive dance their way around a 5km route. Alright, fine, I’ve never seen someone make their way around the course in interpretive dance but there are some interesting enough running styles to make you think someone might be trying to signal for help.

At my local runs everyone from former Olympians to yours truly have graced the course posting vastly different times. All I know is, I didn’t expect to like going, but now you’ll catch me at Mile End or Southwark park pretty much every week. With my Guiness stream diluted with blood a few weeks ago I even managed to complete a parkrun in Manchester whilst celebrating a friend’s birthday. I’d encourage any of you with a local event to give it a go, just please don’t beat my times. P.s Matt, Mireille, Sarah does this mean we can be running buddies..?!

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