William Fowler
Thu 11 May 2023

Following the interesting and certainly diverse blogs on here from my colleagues, I knew I had to go big with my one. So, I decided to enter and compete in one of the biggest fitness races ever held with over 7,500 athletes attending across 2 days. And it was right here in London.

You probably haven’t heard of it, but it’s the ‘new sport’ on the block, having only been founded in 2017. It’s something where your everyday gym-goer to an elite athlete can work towards and compete in. Low skill, but high intensity.

It’s called HYROX, and it’s a fitness race that tests both strength and endurance. The brief is simple: run 1 km, do an exercise, repeat 8 times, as fast as you can. Each exercise is different, and they range from burpees to pushing a 200KG sled to 100m of lunges with a sandbag on your back.

Whilst you can opt to complete this challenge as a pair or in a team of 4, I competed solo in the Men’s Pro division and secured a time of 1 hour, 26 mins and 16 secs. Despite this being very middle-of-the-pack amongst the other competitors in my division, I’m still proud of the result as I have set a benchmark to beat at the next race in November.

Looking back, at times I was either trying to out-work the others on the exercises or out-pace them on the runs. However, the one true race was against myself. To out-do my best. Which in the end is the only race that counts.

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