A first-time runners half marathon experience

Alex Cooper
Thu 14 Mar 2024

Do I enjoy running? Am I good at running? The answer to both, is no.

What happens when you mix a few overly competitive friends with alcohol? You get three friends all signed up for the Battersea Half Marathon, with deep regret in the morning.

Embarking on the journey of a half marathon as a first-time runner is a thrilling and challenging endeavor. The mix of excitement and deep regret fills the air as the day of the race approaches. The training process becomes a personal odyssey, pushing physical and mental boundaries.

For many novice runners, the half marathon serves as a formidable yet achievable goal. The anticipation builds as they lace up their running shoes, standing at the starting line surrounded by a sea of seasoned athletes.

As the kilometres pass by, the journey begins and with each step you think “are we there yet?”.
Amidst the fatigue, the sheer joy of crossing the finish line is unparalleled. The sense of accomplishment is a reward for the months of dedication and early morning runs.

In the aftermath of the race, a sense of pride and satisfaction lingers. As you then decide which pub to go and who’s round it is first. Time to book the next race.

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