(Wo)man’s best friend

Sarah Duff
Thu 21 Sep 2023

My partner and I had always planned to get a dog, but as with many big decisions it never seemed like quite the right time. But a few years ago, the sudden and unexpected loss of a good friend reminded us life really could be too short and it was time to take the plunge. I insisted he go to the rescue centre and choose one, as I would be more inclined towards the hapless, incontinent, 3-legged variety rather than something a little more suited to our busy lives. And so, one day, I came home to be greeted by Ollie, a beautiful little fox terrier – skinny as a rake but as happy as Larry! He was full of so much energy and love it soon became hard to imagine life without him, and the joy he brought on a daily basis. I made the mistake of continuing to follow the rescue centre on social media and my heart broke at the images of homeless pooches destined to spend their lives in cages. So naturally, we figured one more wouldn’t hurt and we got Millie.

For me, there really is nothing better than starting your day being met by two enthusiastically wagging tails, and they greet every meal, walk and belly rub as though it is quite simply the most amazing thing ever! The excitement at breakfast and dinner time is really something, they can barely contain themselves and you wouldn’t imagine they go through this routine twice a day, it does make me wonder if they are suffering from some kind of short-term memory loss… But their appreciation for these things never fails to remind me it’s a good idea to be more a be a bit more dog and enjoy the simple pleasures. Their love for life is contagious, and I’m grateful to be along for the ride. 

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