Why don’t you give it a go?

Ingrid Leonard
Thu 7 Sep 2023

One of the most exciting things when you are a child is to have the opportunity to go camping. Well, my sons have been asking me for ages to do it and finally my husband and I agreed to make it possible. Getting some fresh air while spending some quality time with the family sounded like a good idea. We decided to give it a shot and last May we rented a pitch at Oak Valley Camping in Hastings.

We went to the campsite on a Friday afternoon and set up our tent. To be honest, it was not easy, as the instructions for the tent were only a picture of the tent flat and a picture of the tent erected. So, as you can imagine, a bit of a headache. After we managed to set up the tent, we arranged our sleeping bags, clothes, food and games.

The first night was a challenging one. Even though we had mats under the sleeping bags, and sleeping bags for all weather conditions, I still felt the lumpy floor plus the cold of the night. However, my kids had a pretty good night and didn’t complain at all!

The next day, things started to get better. We had a nice breakfast of cereal, fruit and a hot drink. We played some games like frisbee, badminton and cards. We cooked sausages and corn on the cob for lunch and then we went for a walk around the place. In the evening, we lit a fire and had a delicious BBQ with hamburgers and roasted vegetables. We also roasted marshmallows over the fire and made s’mores. They were sweet and gooey. We told stories, jokes, and riddles. It was a warm and happy night, plus the landlady provided me with a hot water bottle that night so everything was so much smoother and better.

Last day we went to the old town and saw many vintage antique shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs. We had a relaxing walk by the Pier and the beach. Yes, I believe Hastings has its charm! Late in the afternoon, we packed our things and left the campsite. We went back home feeling relaxed and refreshed. I realized that camping with the family was not so bad after all. It was actually quite fun and memorable. I was glad that I gave it a chance. Not too sure if I will do it again any time soon, but if I do, I definitely will take with me a hot water bottle and an air mattress!

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