The exhibition on everyone’s list

Bujin Erdenetuya
Thu 8 Feb 2024

A walk back in history a glimpse into a fashion icons life at Gabrielle Chanel fashion manifesto. I visited the V&A’s exhibition during the weekend, curated by Oriole Cullen, slyly was simplistic and the garment in display exuded taste and elegance.

Women dressed fully in Chanel. A room full of fashion enthusiasts. Sometimes the people in the room grabbed my attention more than the exhibition itself. As you enter the room replicating the famous mirrored staircase at Rue Cambon, a gown on every step takes your breath away. As if scenes from a movies have come to life. Not long before you start to wonder which garment you only longed to own. Admiring the craftsmanship in close detail.

Growing up reading and watching movies of Coco Chanel’s life to seeing the archived garments in person was a highlight of the year. I believe the exhibition brought every visitor a fond memory back relating to the fashion house. The exhibition on everyone’s list that exceeded my expectation.

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