The Book No One Wants You To Read

William Fowler
Thu 7 Dec 2023

Diving into ‘The 48 Laws of Power’ by Robert Greene is like taking a crazy ride through the world of strategy and cunning. Published in ’98, it’s a book that feels like a guide to being a modern-day ninja, blending historical tales with lessons that make you wonder if you’re reading a guide to success or a mischief manual.

Greene gives us 48 laws, kinda like rules for being a sneaky genius, and spices things up with stories that could make even the wildest soap opera characters blush. From political tricks to corporate secrets, each law comes with a side of historical gossip – it’s like time-traveling through the coolest moments of human sneakiness.

Sure, some say it’s a bit like sipping magic potion; others might call it a guide to being a sly mastermind. Critics might call it morally tricky, but hey, who said mastering the game of power was all about being a goody-two-shoes? It’s like a crash course in being a secret agent of success, where every page turn feels like a light bulb moment, and every lesson comes with a sly wink.

So, is ‘The 48 Laws of Power’ a guide to ruling the world or a turbocharged self-help book? Your call. Just be ready to feel a bit like a low-key superhero mastering the art of influence and maybe raising an eyebrow or two at your next big meeting.

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