The Best City In The World? 

William Fowler
Thu 17 Aug 2023

After finally having the opportunity to visit at the beginning of last year, and having been twice more since, I’ve concluded that Dubai might just be the best city in the world. Whether you want to visit the tallest skyscrapers, smash the dunes of the desert in an ATV, or simply bask in the sun on the beach, you have everything available to you. 

Unlike the metropolises of London, New York or Hong Kong, walking from place to place isn’t a viable option which may be a con for some. However, the 8 lane-wide roads make driving everywhere fast and reliable but believe me, you’ll be happy to be in a car! When you do choose to walk, however, it’s an incredibly friendly and safe place with an incredibly diverse mix of people. You can tell that whilst most people work very hard due to the opportunities in this rapidly evolving city, relaxing and switching off from the bustle is just as important. 

When you arrive anywhere, the hospitality is always impeccable. You would think the quality of food for example would be worse than most other cities as Dubai has to import almost everything, but in fact it’s right up to par with the best. Want a dinner to impress? Try Seafire in the Atlantis Hotel. Something more relaxed? Head to JBR with restaurants and bars on the beach. Maybe some fun? Ride through the desert in an ATV or on a camel. 

Not to mention, the weather is all sun! 

Those of you with a strong memory will recall my last blog was about Hyrox; a fitness race composed of running and various strength exercises. Well, the next race is being held in Dubai for the first time ever. So, it seems my next trip is all but written in stone, as there are very few combinations better than that. 

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