Sliced drives, lip outs and something special

Patrick McDonagh
Thu 20 Jul 2023

Out of the house for multiple hours and a (questionably) acceptable reason to have a drink at any time of the day aren’t the only reasons to play golf, but they definitely help.

Every weekend I head off full of hope that this will be the round where I break 80 as part of my journey to try and reach a single figure handicap. Every weekend, I sit with the aforementioned drink and assess where it all went wrong.

One of the finest quotes I have seen for golf is “golf can best be defined as an endless series of tragedies obscured by the occasional miracle”. It is that miracle that brings players back every week, the want to recreate those moments and the improvement that this brings to your game.

Golf is the most technical sport I have played, working on minor changes that can have such monumental changes to my game is fascinating to me. I consider seeing how my game develops, whilst having the opportunity to spend quality time in the fresh air with friends a morning well spent on any weekend. As those who know me can all agree, it has become something of an obsession of mine and I can only praise the impact that this sport has had.

This coming weekend, one of golf’s most prestigious competitions, the Open, will be competed at the incredible Royal Liverpool Golf Course which I have had the pleasure of attending in previous years. As this is one of the few years that I will not be attending in person, it is unlikely that I will be found far from a television at any given point this weekend. Following his first ever win of the Scottish Open I once again find myself optimistically clinging to the hope that Rory Mcllroy will be picking up his 5th career major!

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