Sail Away…

Sandro Pecorella
Thu 15 Jun 2023

Having always lived in Malta and surrounded by our beautiful sea and varied shoreline, it was natural to love the sea and the peacefulness that it can give us humans. At various stages of my life I was lucky to enjoy having a variety of boats to further enjoy the sea and out at shore, initially we had a small boat, with which we sometimes went out to experience traditional fishing and if lucky catch a fish or two. After that, I enjoyed a few years with a speedboat, which had its own thrill of speed on water and the adrenaline seemed to have no limits. But after a couple of boating mishaps, I had decided to call it a day with boats and accepted that I was no longer 25 years old.

Then around 20 years later I was asked by a friend to go out sailing with him for the day to test his boat, and having nothing else to do I did not hesitate to accept. It was an immediate spark, being out there simply experiencing the tranquillity of hearing the wind whistling through the sails and the boat cutting through the waves, with the tiller in my hands I was to discover a whole new world, that of Sailing. In my early years I was always fascinated by the America’s Cup, even when we could only see it on a black and white television, yes sometimes even trying to guess which boat is which. Watching the challenges by such beautiful sailing boats from around the world, the capabilities of the skippers and their crew, was something that would keep you stuck to the tv for hours and hours until the final victor would triumph in such a gruelling and even magical challenge of sport with the basics of what nature provides: Man, Wood, Wind and Sea.

I had never imagined that one day I would be able to have my own sailboat and that I too would be able to experience what it means to own a sailboat and handle a boat without the need of motorised power, but simply use sails and ropes to challenge oneself to new levels. At 47 I say the sea gave me a new meaning of how to appreciate the beauty of the sea, and the Mediterranean Sea is one of the most beautiful seas to sail, whether for coastal cruising around the Maltese Islands or across the many other Mediterranean shorelines. The most important elements to never forget while at sea whether sailing or other are, to respect the sea, safeguard its habitat and enjoy responsibly.

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