One small step for Matt…

Matthew Moore
Thu 6 Apr 2023

Avid readers of our SGM-FX company news page will notice a theme of my colleagues taking dramatic and life changing decisions.  Getting married, having a child, and supporting Tottenham to name a few.  There must be something in the water around these parts because after only 6 months of employment at SGM I too have taken the plunge.  Through no force or coercion (though I’m not ruling out inception) I have signed up to run a world-famous running event.

Unfortunately, the London marathon has spent the last 8 years telling me I am not worthy of their event, so I went a little further afield and registered for the Leadville Trail 100.  That would be 100 miles.  Through the mountains.  Starting at 10,160 feet (for our readers who use meters the rough conversion is A LOT).  Why would one choose to propel oneself using only their legs over 100 miles of high-altitude rugged terrain?!  I’m afraid I don’t have an answer to my own nonsensical nonrhetorical question, but next time I check in with you all I’m hoping to have at least some retort to “Why?” other than “Why not?”.

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