Lights Out and Away We Go!

Jamie Pritchard
Thu 29 Feb 2024

Silverstone, also known as the home of British Motorsport, is a renowned racing circuit located in the Northamptonshire area of the UK. Built on the site of a former deserted Royal Air Force base, Silverstone has been hosting a vast number of iconic races since its inception in 1948. Redesigned in 1991, Silverstone is famous for its high-speed straights and challenging corners pushing the skill of any driver to their limits whilst providing plenty of thrilling fast paced action for the thousands of spectators that visit every year.

The standout event hosted at the circuit has to be the British Grand Prix which Silverstone has hosted exclusively since 1987. Attending a Formula 1 Grand Prix has always been a bucket list item of mine and I was excited to finally secure a ticket to this summer’s race in July. I have previously navigated the track at my local racing circuit Brands Hatch, spinning off once or twice in pursuit of a podium finish. (Not my proudest moment!)

Having visited Silverstone just once before, I am excited to return this summer to witness what I hope to be an exhilarating race. So When the lights go out and the engines roar, I will finally get to witness firsthand the rapid speeds of up to 233mph as the teams strategically battle it out for top spot. With Grand Prix’s now taking place in approximately 20 different countries across 5 continents, I hope to be able to attend more races at some point in the future. Next stop…… Monaco!

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