Jamie’s venture into fatherhood

Jamie Pritchard
Thu 23 Mar 2023

I have recently embarked on a life changing journey, becoming a father for the first time. Initially excited when hearing the news but also slightly apprehensive for what was about to happen, I started to plan for my new adventure into the unknown. 

As the months rapidly progressed and the due date crept ever closer, the reality that I would soon become a father started to kick in. I still felt relatively unprepared and pretty clueless about how to take care of a new human being and found myself wishing I had paid more attention to the support classes that I had involuntary attended a few weeks prior. With my only previous comparable experience being the training of my Labrador puppy many years ago, how hard could this be? 

Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. After several extremely long and sleepless nights in the hospital ward and feeling especially proud of my fiancĂ©e, I finally got to meet my new baby girl. 

The last 4 months has certainly been a steep but enjoyable learning curve with many ups, downs and tears along the way. I have watched my daughter grow and develop and have witnessed a vast amount of changes in such a short space of time. 

My life has certainly changed forever, and I feel extremely lucky to be greeted at the end of the working day with a cheeky smile from my happy baby girl. (If I am lucky!)

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