Morning Brief – Gold Bugs

Morning Brief – Gold Bugs

Mon 2 Sep 2019

Gold Bugs


Just before you conclude that post Brexit, Trumpian civilisation as we know it has had it, and you disappear to a remote cave armed with bottled water, tinned food and a torch, you might want to consider including some gold in your equipment.

Much excitement among analysts and gold bugs this week who have become fixated on a little known stat which is that not since 1968 has there been so much sustained central bank buying of gold. Gold is currently trading at $1529.





What used to be known in days gone by as being “fashionable” and then in the 60’s as “with it” has been replaced in today’s social media parlance with “relevant”. Fine when you are, but less so when you no longer enjoy relevance as Cheryl found out when her waxwork statue was removed by Madame Tussauds. Immediately a petition was launched to redress this cruel injustice and garnered just….53 signatures! Worth GBP 20 million Cheryl will no doubt get by, but a 53 signature petition is defo a good definition of not being relevant any longer!



Telegram: Hong Kong phooey


Millennials are not entirely sure what is meant by sending a Telegram. they are far more likely to think it probably refers to a new App to prevent handset location and therefore personal identification details being visible to the authorities. This App is being widely adopted by the Hong Kong protesters to avoid repercussions from the Chinese authorities. However in a bizarre twist it seems likely that the Chinese authorities have gained access to yes you guessed it, the Telegram App. So when protesters seek to disguise their identities by using the App, they are inadvertently sharing all their details.


We used to track one of our employees at SGM-FX who had trouble with both the truth and also being where he was supposed to be while on business trips. However in that more innocent age, it was easy for us to track him as he was inept enough to forget that he had friended his colleagues on Facebook, so when he boastfully sent photos of Biarritz rather than Birmingham to his pals, we clocked him and appropriately rewarded his incompetence at bunking off. Return to sender: Byee!




Discussion and Analysis by Humphrey Percy, Chairman and Founder

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