Halloween dinner in Notting Hill

Michael Newton
Tue 15 Nov 2022

We start our very first ever company dinner blog post with our Halloween dinner in Notting Hill, London with what could possibly be the most laughter we’ve had at a company dinner to date! Although a little late to be seated the team were compensated with some drinks which did seem to help with the wait time, and after being escorted through a passageway and up some (questionable) stairs into our own private dining area we were finally able to sort the seating arrangement and start the evening.

With more compensation with some Champagne, and some wrong menus, we knew that we were in for a great night. Although for anyone who preferred beer over Champagne, they were out of luck… at least until one of the waiters stocked up from the off-licence down the road (Seriously!).

One of the better parts of the night came from one of the waitresses attempting to guess the names of some of our employees. William became Benjamin, Matthew became Scott, Patrick became Simon, Bence became Mr Benson, and Charles became… my lovely…

Yeah, not sure where that last one came from either.

Although not the smoothest company dinner we’ve had, it certainly was filled with a lot of laughter and enjoyment.

Stay tuned to see if any future company dinner can top this one!

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