Amazing 2023: A New Chapter in My Career

Sandro Pecorella
Thu 28 Dec 2023

2023 was another challenging year, and 1st of May ‘Workers Day’ the beginning of another chapter in my working career, and this time it started here in London. Although this was not my first day at the new office being a bank holiday, it was an amazing day, beautiful weather which I seemed to have brought with me from Malta. London was buzzing right through from Borough Market with all its eateries and pubs, engulfed with the regulars and tourists, right through Strand Street up to Trafalgar Square, where preparations were already taking shape for the King’s Coronation which was to be held at the following weekend.

After a lengthy stroll to the centre and back towards my hotel I decided to cross over the Thames and have a look from Bankside and managed to come across ‘Zizzi’ an elevated restaurant with excellent staff and delicious mediterranean food, found myself a great table overlooking the Thames, and even though I was alone the glass of red Italian wine was perfect to complete the day and charge me up for my first day in my new job. Eight months down the line I still think that glass of red wine was the perfect fuel for what has been an amazing 2023, and apart from honoured for the trust shown in me I am glad to have chosen SGM-FX as my new workplace and external family, and I look forward to a 2024 with all the challenges it may bring to further enrich and fulfil this amazing work experience.

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