A Wedding on the Horizon

Patrick McDonagh
Thu 30 Mar 2023

As sport has been the theme for two of our last three blogs, it may be best to discuss another love of mine.

In April 2021, I was fortunate enough to propose to my now fiancée and she was brave/foolish enough to say yes! Since then, we have been through a journey of venue viewings, food tastings and an endless list of tasks that I would never have even considered. At this time, I can proudly say that we have everything booked, organised and all of this was achievable whilst still managing to cut my handicap on the golf course.

With our wedding rehearsal this evening I can now look back at everything we have achieved and enjoy this moment of joy and optimism about the big day before the inevitable nerves kick in for us both and I spend my time constantly checking the ever-changing weather predictions.

The end of this all-important chapter of our lives is in sight and if all goes well, and she actually shows up, this time next week I will become a married man!

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