A doodle or two

Alan Dixon
Thu 13 Apr 2023

I have forever flicked between interests. Growing up I was a devout football player, before putting my then 5’7″ frame to good use playing basketball, and then American football, and then a plethora of other sports I would dip in and out of. I have read and authored, cooked and danced (often simultaneously). Now though, I seem to be possessed by another hobby, drawing.

Putting pen to paper and allowing myself to create has been something therapeutic. Matching much of how I have lived my life, there is little planning of each piece, each drawing finding its way as I go. And now commuting from Ipswich to London every day, I have time on the train to scribble away, gritting through the bumps and thumps that jerk my pencil strokes awry. Here are a few examples of my works, which when looking at now, would benefit from some improved photography.

I may have much more to show by the time you find me writing here again, but perhaps more likely, you will be reading about another brand-new venture of mine.

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