Morning Brief – Wednesday 17th

Morning Brief – Wednesday 17th

Wed 17 Jul 2019

Miami Real Estate


Representing real and increasing value, Miami has some stunning real estate which has long been popular with SGM-FX clients. Novak Djokovic who is not a SGM-FX customer (yet) has just snapped up a $6.4 million apartment at 87 Park which overlooks Miami Beach and is surrounded by a 35 acre park. While Djokovic is as we know sharp as a tack on court, he should convert that Wimbledon success by signing up for a SGM-FX Currency Card for his personal and corporate use- it would go so well in his wallet alongside his Netjets ambassador’s card





Taking advantage of the latest sharp drop in global government bond rates generally and European government bond rates particularly, Greece mandated 6 international banks to get a new 7 year bond away for the Republic. This latest offering reflects a remarkable rehabilitation for Greece which at one point looked a hopeless financing case. On the subject of value, having recently returned from business trips to both Greece and Germany, it is apparent which represents better value to the business or leisure traveller…and it’s not Germany!



Crypto Versus Wimbledon


Market watcher James has been keeping us entertained at SGM-FX HQ with his commentary on Bitcoin (BTC) and its journey this year from a start in January below $4,000 to a doubling in June to $8,000 before soaring to $12,500 later in the month before crashing back to $10,500. So far in July it’s bounced back to $12,500 before failing to break through that level and ….today crashing back below $10,000. Watching James watching that chart is almost as entertaining as watching the Wimbledon crowd following the exchanges between Federer and Djokovic……….almost




Discussion and Analysis by Humphrey Percy, Chairman and Founder

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