Morning Brief – Tuesday 19th

Morning Brief – Tuesday 19th

Tue 19 Mar 2019



If there are any Remainers out there who are trying to take Eurostar this week: in the event that there is R2 or a second referendum (unlikely in our view) my hunch is that they will vote Leave this time! 

Apart from wanting more money(so?) French customs officers are striking to “demonstrate the chaos in the event of a NoDeal Brexit” You have just got to love those French! Meanwhile Eurostar is experiencing 5 hour delays (if travellers are lucky.)

That’s why the Swiss should run ALL railways… always!





Global Markets


Oil WTI at $59 was another firm day for Oil traders. Gold back over $1300- just. GBP weaker on the back of the UK Speaker’s decision not to permit another Parliamentary vote on the same motion. While Remainers cheered that that reduced the chances of the UK leaving any time soon, there is more of a whiff of panic on the part of those who voted down the motion and now want to change their minds. FTSE liked all this and closed at 7300. Dow stronger at 25,914.










Discussion and Analysis by Humphrey Percy, Chairman and Founder

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