Fair Winds…

Sandro Pecorella
Thu 28 Sep 2023

October is knocking at our doorstep, and it is the month of the yearly Rolex Middle Sea Race, probably the most important event our majestic grand harbour has, for the past few years, started to host as the starting point. Over 100 sailing boats, from the world class trimarans and monohulls to the 30 metre classic cruisers, many of which being world class racing boats with highly experienced teams, come to challenge themselves in this sought-after 606 nautical mile Mediterranean Race, this year being it’s 44th edition. The course takes these brave sailing crews from Malta right up to sail anticlockwise around the island of Sicily, through the Messina Strait, then after sailing along the West coast head down South around Lampedusa with the final leg Eastwards back to Malta.

For the start of the race, Maltese and tourists flock to anywhere along the Grand Harbour from the early hours, be it along the Valletta coast or the Three Cities, to find the best spot where to relax and take the best shots and why not even meet new people, and share the experience of such a scenery with so many beautiful boats, while they sail out in the distance to challenge the brave weather that awaits them. If you will be in Malta on the 21st of October this year, I highly recommend you come and experience this event, while suggesting you find an ideal spot well in advance to the firing of the cannon, and rest assured you will not be disappointed.

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