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Buying a property abroad?

When buying a property abroad, it is common (unfortunately) that buyers do not pay close enough attention to the ever-changing currency exchange rate. Often attention is paid to mortgage rates, solicitor’s fees and agency commissions and yet, it is the exchange rate that can cause the most pain.

In a three month period (especially in the current economic climate), it is possible to see exchange rates fluctuate as much as 10 percent. A 10% change in the price of a property equates to a staggering amount of money, especially if you consider how long it takes to earn, let alone save it..! 
By contacting SGM-FX, buyers can remove the risk of this unfavourable expense. As soon as you are looking at properties, you should contact us to gain an unbiased insight into the currency market. Not only will we be able to guide you to the best exchange rates, but also remove the risk of the exchange rate moving against your property price.

We offer a first-class package that will do more than save you money. Through our global network of associates we can increase your options and ensure you remain in touch with every aspect of your purchase at all times. We always:

  • Listen to your requirements
  • Discuss the strategies available to you
  • Explain the process of buying or selling currency
  • Outline the benefits of using SGM-FX and demonstrate the saving
  • Liaise with your overseas solicitor, banker, real estate agent, etc.
  • Confirm payment promptly

Lost in transalation? The SGM-FX private clients team is mutli-lingual so we will be delighted to help with the foreign language as well! 

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