Morning Brief – Wednesday 20th

Global Markets


Commodities: Gold at $1305, WTI Oil at $58.97, Palladium through $1600 for the first time.
Currencies: Swedish Krona weakness unnerving markets. Indian Rupee gone from worst to best performing currency. GBP while weaker following Westminster’s events yesterday, is attracting increasing interest and more expectation of a rally. USD weaker versus EUR.
Equities: FTSE 7324, Dow 25,887.
I0 year Govt Yields: US 2.61, Germany 0.10, UK 1.18, France 0.47, Italy 2.49, Japan -0.05




FUNEX? S, V F X. -Must be said out loud in the accent of a German in a disaster movie


Just in from the Swiss gnomes at Zurich University: in the past several thousand years as our diets have improved, so has our ability to enunciate certain letters and in particular F and V. Lots of Swiss science behind this one but when you say in your best Swiss accent: “SVFX” it is down no doubt more to your 5 a day than your battered Mars bars:

Meanwhile…..S, VFX……Yes Ve Haf Eggs …………and nice the way that FX features!












Discussion and Analysis by Humphrey Percy, Chairman and Founder

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