Good times, good food and good friends.

Meg Bonello
Thu 4 May 2023

In my opinion there is nothing better than spending quality time with your friends in the busy world we live in today. What could be better than spending time with your pals and doing so enjoying our favourite food followed by a (very) competitive round of bowling?

My partner and our two best friends have a fun tradition every two weeks where we come together to talk about life, indulge in some good food, make plans and then battle it out on the lanes later.

Since we have started doing this we have managed to find our favourite restaurant. We’ve been going there now for years and nothing can beat an ice cold drink, a fillet steak cooked to perfection (medium rare obviously) and enough sides to feed an army – or at least just enough to sustain us for our bowling tournament!

After grub our eyes turn to the usual girls vs boys 10-pin bowling competition. When I say competition I’m being generous as the boys haven’t actually won anything yet, but they are good company of course!

Finally, whilst it may seem that I’m just promoting that Maddie and I are wonderful bowlers, I wanted to simply share how special memories like this are made with people I love.

Onto next week’s bowling: will the girls will be 5-0 up?

Pfftt, obviously!

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