For old times’ sake..

Meg Bonello
Thu 10 Aug 2023

I find myself standing in the queue ticket in hand not fully convinced that at my big age of 22 years old I should be watching the new Barbie movie… let alone in the cinema!

That being said, it was completely packed out and everyone from little to large, young and old was there. And although I am WAY too old to play with Barbie’s I’m not too old to watch and surprisingly not hate a film about them!

Well to summarise, the new Barbie movie is full of familiar famous faces and cliché numbers and lots and lots and lots of pink (maybe too much pink). But more deeply it conveys how women are often pressured to be “perfect”- Barbie is a character who has always been associated with beauty and perfection. But in this movie, she learns that it’s important to be true to yourself; I know you’re thinking this sounds so cringe worthy…big shocker it is, but it’s a film about dolls so you get what you pay for!

Other than the questionable music numbers and cliché acting; the movie sends a powerful message to girls and women everywhere that they don’t have to be perfect or have a ‘Ken’ to be happy and successful.

So, if you have 2 hours to spare and you are a fan of Margot Robbie or Ryan Gosling… go and watch Barbie.

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