Bottom Dollar: USD performs worst among peers in first half of 2017

A public holiday today Stateside provides welcome relieft for the Greenback. The USD has been confirmed as the worst performing G10 currency in the first 6 months of the year according to Rabobank and is threatening to continue its poor performance into the back end of 2017.

Prima facie, one may place the blame on the Dollar decline solely with President Trump however looking at the hard data the economy simply hasn’t picked up as much as intially expected.
Central to this is the now increased market scepticism as to weather the Fed willl be able to announce a third rate hike by the end of the year.

Reversal out of long USD positions is also a function of an improvement in European fundamentals [i.e. political risk] which have driven money back accross the Atlantic. This has seen EUR trade to its highest since May 2016 against the Dollar and is predicted to end the year at 1.1700.