The Difference

How it works

Our independence allows for great flexibility in the way we manage your account. Put simply, our service will be tailored to the needs of you or your business, so will differ slightly from client to client.

  • Open an account. You can register as a corporate or private client.
  • Discuss your requirements with your Personal Account Manager. Your account manager will be in contact with you throughout the transaction to offer as much help and guidance as you should require; both prior to booking your rate and once the deal is complete.
  • Agree the rate of exchange over the phone or via email.
  • Transfer your funds across SGM-FX’s client account. Once a rate has been agreed, both you and SGM are legally bound in a foreign exchange transaction. Your account manager will send you a Confirmation Purchase Note summarising the trade and detailing the Barclays client account where you need to instruct your bank to transfer the funds.
  • SGM-FX receives your funds, converts them and transfers your currency out. Depending on the currency and time at which we receive your payment, your funds will either be paid for same day or next day value.

We believe in long lasting relationships and by working together and helping us understand your requirements, we will be able to contact you at relevant times with relevant exchange rates and market news.

The Difference

SGM-FX is an independent company combining unrivalled personal service with professional and informative account management.

Our independence allows us to source the best exchange rates whilst allowing us complete flexibility in the way your account is managed and priced.

We pride ourselves on our capability to individually tailor our service to the needs of our clients, meaning you not only save money by means of excellent exchange rates and a relevant risk management structure, you also save time.

Your account manager will listen to your individual requirements, your restrictions and your timeframes and will devise a unique trading strategy to suit you.By knowing your business and your long term foreign exchange needs (whether it be supplier schedules or mortgage payments), together we can build a structure to work towards your targets whilst keeping you free to continue with your primary duties.

SGM-FX does not pay to advertise. The benefits of this philosophy are smaller overheads and our responsibility to gain client referrals.

Smaller overheads mean better value to our customers. Advertising can be extremely expensive and by not paying these overheads, we can increase the value of your exchange rate.

In the absence of advertising to gain new customers, the responsibility to gain referrals from existing clients means that we maintain our standards of exceptional service with each individual client we have. Only in this way can we offer a service, and of course, a saving that you would be happy to recommend.

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