A Sports Fan’s Guide to Nuremberg

Alex Cooper
Thu 27 Jul 2023

I had always wanted to explore Germany, yet to have had the opportunity, so what better excuse than to go watch Arsenal play against German division 2 side Nuremberg in a preseason friendly.

If you’ve ever thought about Nuremberg yet not been, I’d recommend a long weekend. Although the football was disappointing, the town was far from it, and I was pleasantly impressed.

From exploring the town’s rich history and culture such as the Nuremberg castle, to walking around the town to explore the local shops, cafes, and restaurants.

For something a little bit different, I went to explore the 170-acre zoo of Nuremberg which happens to be one of the largest in Europe. Within the zoo, you get a variety of local and more exotic animals (including a polar bear or two which I’d never seen in real life before).

Overall, a great weekend away, full of sports, good food, exploring and rich history. I’d recommend anyone else to add it to their list of places to explore.

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